Arakan Travel


Maximilian Horsley, the founder of Arakan Travel, was born and educated in the UK. He has travelled extensively throughout Europe, Africa and Asia and has called many places home including Seychelles, Zambia, Switzerland and Hong Kong. For the last decade he has lived and worked in Myanmar where he ran a British travel company. During his years there he gained an in depth knowledge of the country gathered from numerous journeys. These years of exploration have given him an unparalleled understanding and love for Myanmar, which is passed onto each and every client during the planning of their holiday. Maximilian currently lives in Yangon.

Our philosophy

Putting the client directly in touch with our network of trusted local agents gives the client a hands on, tailor made experience, missing out the middle man thereby saving considerable cost on the journey. At Arakan Travel we work with only the best tried and tested local agents to build you the most authentic, unforgettable experience.