Inle Lake

Shan State

Inle Lake is a gem. It is one of those places you do not want to tell a soul about in order to maintain its charm and character, but you just cannot help yourself. It is a magical, enchanting place set in the hills of the southern Shan state in the East of Myanmar, near to the border with China, Laos and Thailand. High hills flank the lake on both sides of the shore. The lakeside and islands are littered with villages on stilts, inhabited mostly by the industrious Intha people. There are also over one hundred monasteries and a thousand Pagodas scattered along the shoreline. Crystalline waters, lush green hills, deep, cloudless skies and a calming and serene lake inhabited by a jovial and welcoming people are the perfect ingredients for an idyllic destination. The gentle and melodic way of life on the lake cannot but induce you to relax, whether you are bobbing along in a dug out canoe visiting one of the numerous floating gardens or markets, observing the fishermen with their unique fishing style or simply relaxing on the verandah of your hotel enjoying a timeless scene illuminated by a mesmeric sunset. It promises to be an unforgettably peaceful retreat from the hectic pace of modern day life.