Kachin State

For us Putao, in the far northern reaches of the Kachin state and close to the border with Tibet, has to be one of the most charming spots in a country overflowing with charm. The sleepy village lanes with their dry stone walls and lovely dark, tar stained wooden houses with children leaning from the upper windows of their raised dwellings waving frenetically and shouting “Hello, bye-bye” in the same breath, cannot but fail to charm even the most frosty of hearts. The valley with its languid rivers, rice paddies and grazing water buffalo stretches away to the rolling hills and the jungles, all of which lead ultimately to the craggy Himalayan peaks and beyond to northern India and Tibet.

Putao is a place for relaxing, a getaway from the modern world of mobiles and emails. Spend your days walking through minority villages, mountain biking small jungle paths, enjoying river trips to remote villages or elephant treks in the dense forests. This is for outdoors people who want to breathe clean air and enjoy tropical Asia in the shadow of the greatest mountain range on earth.